Dine in a real Florentine home!


Are you a tourist visiting Florence? How would you like to have dinner in a genuine Florentine home, with your friends or family?



Christian and Alina

Christian and Alina

We are Alina and Christian, a couple living in a big, old Florentine house, and we are inviting you to dinner. Just bring your appetite!

Experience local cuisine in the lovely setup of this old Florence home. You will enjoy a five course meal, with typical Tuscany foods, cooked and served by us. We only use fresh products from our local farmers market and the chef is 100% Italian – un italiano vero.

We have a garden for the summer afternoons and a fireplace for cold winter evenings, should you like to eat outside or relax in front of the fire.

the backyard garden and the fireplace

Bottled sparkling mineral water and coffee (espresso) are on us. You can choose a bottle of wine from the Tuscany region to complete the meal. The wine is not included in the price of the meal, but don’t worry, there’s a bottle for every budget!

Dinner takes about three hours and we can accommodate a maximum of 12 people at once, so be sure to book your Florentine dinner experience in advance!

We don’t have a fixed menu, since we are cooking using fresh ingredients, you can expect to eat seasonal foods. We buy all our ingredients from local markets, and the foods we make are known as “Km 0”, which means they are as local as it gets. Here’s what you can expect to eat in our home, but remember – they are cooked depending on the season:


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